Why Highly Sensitive People Find Travel Difficult

For some people, travel is magical. It provides an escape from the immediate environment and an opportunity to reinvent self. Essentially, some people see travel as a chance to de-stress while away from home. However, most highly sensitive people find travel difficult. The travel experience of highly sensitive people is the opposite of the experience of the other people. They endure stress when traveling and feel overwhelmed.

And this is not without a reason. It’s not something that a highly sensitive person should beat themselves up over. Basically, travel presents pitfalls that highly sensitive persons find hard to deal with.

Why Travel is Hard for Most Highly Sensitive Persons

A major reason why a highly sensitive person finds travel difficult is the fact that it compels them to abandon their routine for a while. Routines provide comfort to sensitive souls. That’s because a routine is constant and it provides reassurance in the highly-stimulus world. Losing routine even if it’s temporarily feels awful for highly sensitive people.

In addition, most highly sensitive people generally don’t like being in new environments. They don’t like being surrounded by new sounds, situations, foods, and unfamiliar sights. They loathe being held to itineraries that they don’t have control over. For instance, they don’t like the idea of being crammed in a tiny seat in an airplane. They also don’t like rushing after connecting flights. Basically, the systems of highly sensitive individuals process everything in a more deeply manner. It magnifies normal stresses thereby creating nerve-wracking situations.

Travel is Still Possible for Highly Sensitive Persons

The fact that many highly sensitive persons find travel difficult shouldn’t hinder them from traveling. The most important thing is to understand your personality as a highly sensitive individual and learn ways to cope with stressors. Most importantly, focus on the positive aspect of travel and try to make the most of every trip.