When Should You Stop Traveling When Pregnant?

If you are pregnant, congratulations! Pregnancy is a blessing that you should cherish in every way possible but, it also comes with certain symptoms that can significantly affect various aspects of your life including travel. Although you can still experience smooth and enjoyable trips during pregnancy, the timing of the trips is critical to the overall adventure. The following discussion can assist you in determining the best time to stop traveling. 

Timing your Trips during Pregnancy 

As your pregnancy develops, there are various kinds of symptoms that will be experienced. The main symptoms of concern include morning sickness, fatigue, leg cramps, and nausea. These symptoms may vary from one mother to another but; their severity mainly depends on the duration of the pregnancy. 

The symptoms are usually considered to be more intense during the first trimester. In the first three months of pregnancy, the body experiences severe symptoms that could make traveling quite overwhelming and uncomfortable. Besides, most cases of pregnancy complications are experienced during the first trimester. As such, it is advisable to postpone or reschedule travel. 

During the second trimester, the body has become used to the symptoms and the impacts are quite mild. This is the best time to go on trips during pregnancy. 

The third trimester is also not a bad time to travel but; health experts recommend that pregnant mothers try to stay closer to home. During the last three months to delivery, pregnant mothers also have higher risks of complications like premature births that require less travel. If the mother and fetus are in good health, she can travel until the last month of delivery. 

When to Stop Traveling 

For safety and health reasons, it is advisable to stop traveling when you are about eight months pregnant. However, your doctor can also impose travel restrictions earlier than the third trimester in case you have any health issues that could risk the pregnancy. Nevertheless, there is nothing to fear about traveling during pregnancy if you and your baby are healthy.