Guidelines for Traveling in a Car

Whether you are planning a road trip or just need a short weekend getaway by car, it is absolutely a great idea. Unlike public transport means like buses and trains, car travel has a lower risk of coronavirus transmission. However, there are certain instructions that you must still observe to ensure safety against COVID-19. The following are important guidelines for traveling in a car that you should observe. 

Properly Sanitize the Car before Departure 

While cars present lower risks of transmission, you can only be safe if the car is properly sanitized. Make sure that the entire car is properly cleaned and sanitized, paying keen attention to the cushioning and other hidden surfaces therein before departure. 

Pack Hand Sanitizers 

It is also important to carry a hand sanitizer for maintaining personal hygiene on the road.  Use it to clean your hands frequently, especially after visiting any public place. 

Maintain a Safe Distance in the Car 

Concerning the social distancing rules, you should maintain a distance of 6 feet apart inside the car. Avoid close contact as much as possible. That means your car will now carry fewer passengers than the normal number. 

Minimize Stops along the Way 

Making numerous stops along the way to visit the bathroom, buy gas or food can increase your chances of exposure to the coronavirus. Therefore, minimize the stops as much as possible and observe all the safety precautions at all times that you make a stop. 

Observe the Lockdown Rules 

It is also advisable that you check the rules for travel restrictions in your intended stops and destination before departure to avoid being on the road at the wrong time. 

Generally, there is no significant threat to traveling by car. However, you should observe all the guidelines discussed above to ensure your safety as well as that of others on the road.