Four Romantic sites lovers want to visit in Brazil

Brazil is South America’s largest country. It is safe enough to visit so long you stay in the right place at the right time. With its gorgeous mountains, dense forest, sizzling beaches, high waterfalls, luxuriant lakes, and picturesque beaches, Brazil looks as stunning as the Garden of Eden. While the wonders therein only make it attractive, the serenity at many of these destinations makes it romantic and surreal.

If you are in love and planning to visit Brazil to experience new heights of romance, rest assured you will find many places that exude passion and intense love. You will be mesmerized as you soak in love triggered by the natural aura. Love is everywhere in Brazil. Love is in the air; you only have to breathe it in…

Whether you are coming to Brazil for honeymoon or wedding anniversary, you will find the following destinations designed to satisfy your romance needs:

Florianopolis Island

Floripa, as the locals know it, is one of the most popular romance hotspots in Brazil. Located in South of Rio de Janeiro, it offers lovebirds a relaxed vacation in one of its 42 beaches. You and your beloved partner will enjoy cuddling in the sand, horse riding, dining by the breathtaking beachfront, strolling along the beautiful beach, windsurfing or sailing. There are comfortable and dazzling beach resorts too. The island is also home to beautiful waterfalls. To fully enjoy all the experience the island has to offer, you should rent a car for smooth movement.

Amazon River

For starters, Amazon River is the largest river in the world.

The very name conjures vivid images of a place that is remote and untamed. It is wild. There are caimans in the river, there are churning rapids, and there are jaguars in the Amazon jungles! It is the place to bring your romance if you long for a thriller-packed experience in a natural setting. The boat will take you through the villages and jungles, as the local guide explain this and that.

You will also enjoy paddle-boarding, swimming with pink dolphins, fishing for piranhas, watching some of the endangered animals and then you will be retiring to your private cabin to celebrate love behind closed doors, or sitting on the main deck to toast champagne as the sun goes down. The serenity is perfect for honeymooners.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. You can soar over the waterfalls in a helicopter for an up-close bird’s eye view. You can also take a boat ride to the site or trek through the surrounding forests to see pretty birds, colorful butterflies, monkeys and many other impressive slices of nature.

Monte Verde

If you visit this tiny village in winter, you will witness the snow falling on the mountaintops as you sit by some window of a village house, the two of you having walked hand in hand up and about. How romantic could that be!


With these tips, let your romantic buds guide you to these locations for experience thou shall never forget.